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6 years ago

SQL Transactions (No Data)


We had an unexpected event in an environment of ours where it seems the hosts for the VM's was restarted which unexpectedly restarted the VM's. We have gotten VM's back online but now we are getting several alerts for SQL Transactions showing No Data. The SQL services are running and the SQL DB is working fine it seems. Any idea what else could cause this error or issue? A rebbot has been done at well to try and resolve the issue. 

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  • Yes, when I do Poll Now it spins for a while then say's it Pol Now Timeout. Poll Now does work for other DataSources. 

  • Might be a sign that the collector is unable to communicate with the SQL server software. I would attempt to talk with the SQL server (via some client software) from the collector server.

    Type of SQL server? MSSQL? MySQL?

    What is the name of the DataSource with No Data? Do any other related SQL DataSources work?