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6 years ago

SQL Mirror DB alerting

We have a unique SQL setup that is using mirroring.  How can we configure LM to not show the databases that are in (Mirror, Sychronized/Restoring...) mode as not 'down'.

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  • Well this explains why I didn't see a response yet.  Apparently I forgot to hit the submit button... 
    It is the SQL Database Instance and the Datapoint is the State.  Since they are mirrored, they are reporting in SQL either as (Principle, Synchronized) or (Mirror, Synchronized/Restoring...)  
    We do see some that show up as Suspended which we would need to report on.  I think we need to change this to alert on the state value of anything other than 1.
    Windows SQL Server Database MSSQLSERVER/SXXX_XA_Site on is no longer in a healthy online operating state, and has reported an operating state of 1.0, placing the database into critical state.
    Status Codes:
    0 = Online,
    1 = Restoring,
    2 = Recovering,
    3 = Recovery Pending,
    4 = Suspect,
    5 = Emergency,
    6 = Offline,
    7 = Copying (Azure SQL Database),
    10 = Offline-Secondary (Azure SQL Database)
  • I can't seem to find this DataSource in LogicMonitor, is this a custom or community DataSource? If you click on the "Edit Global Defining" to jump to it's DataSource settings, what is the "Name" and "lmLocator" code (under version, if exists)?

    If this DataSource provides Instances using Auto Discover (AD), you can either modify AD itself or use the Filtering section to only include instances you want.

  • Sorry.  This is the datasorce:

    Datasource:   SQL Server Databases

    We are going to try setting the value to anything other that 0 or 1 and validate.  Restoring is an expected status since the databases are mirrored.  
  • Thanks, unsure why I couldn't find it previously. I might have misread your original request as not wanting to see mirrored databases at all, so ignore the whole modify AD thing I mentioned before.

    Yeah, changing the threshold for State to be "> 1" sounds like it would cover your needs. To not generate an alert if the State is Oneline (0) or Restoring (1).

  • Hey Mike,

    This looks like it helped with the alert.  I'm continuing to monitor just in case something gets missed.