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8 years ago

snmp indexing

Cisco and other vendors support community indexing (SNMPv1/v2c) and context indexing (SNMPv3) for some MIBs that otherwise have only one apparent index.  This is true, for example, for the BRIDGE-MIB.  To access an OID for a specific VLAN with community indexing, the community is appended with @VLANID and with context indexing the username has @vlan-VLANID appended.  Because the guts of authentication are abstracted (good thing!), there must be support for this within the abstraction layer.  I would definitely like to monitor per-VLAN BRIDGE-MIB::dot1dStpTimeSinceTopologyChange (timeticks) and BRIDGE-MIB::dot1dStpTopChanges (counter) within LogicMonitor as topology changes are strong problem indications, usually due to misconfigured spanning tree settings on affected devices.  Can the SNMP abstraction layer be extended to allow for community/context indexing, please?  I can see no other workarounds I can do myself via scripting unless I completely abandon the abstraction layer, which would be disappointing.





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