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8 years ago

ServiceNow Operational Metrics Integration

The built-in integration with ServiceNow for event management is awesome.  What would be nice is if they had the same built-in integration for Operational Metrics (or a set of instructions to build out the pull API request from the ServiceNow side).  The main reason we are wanting to use this is to make ServiceNow the one place a team member needs to go for a quick glance of overall health.  Additional benefits of doing this would be that we could set thresholds for this data directly off of the KBs associated to the CIs and when a team changes a threshold for the CI it would instantly take effect.

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  • @dmartzall If the ServiceNow metrics are available via the ServiceNow REST API, you could make a simple Groovy script data source to pull the metrics via a REST call, then parse out the JSON into data points.

    getData = new URL('https://' + account + '<...api query string.....>').getText();

    response = new JsonSlurper().parseText(getData);

    metricValue =<some object>