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7 years ago

REST API /service/services - Add Step with Scripted Request/Response

I'd like to be able to use the rest api to add service checks that contains steps with a groovy scripted request and/or response.  I actually had high hopes that I could just retrieve our service checks with the above API, even the ones with groovy scripts, and see how they were "put together".  Strange though, when I call /service/services to retrieve all of our services it ONLY returned the ones which did not have any scripted steps.  I went a step further and decided to try and get the details for a service check that I know has a script in there, and here are the results.

Response Status: 200
Response Body: {
  "status" : 1007,
  "errmsg" : "The step request is script request",
  "data" : null

At any rate, I did create a ticket, #99267, with support hoping for help on this, but in the end, they mentioned I should create a feature request.


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