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6 years ago

Reports - Device Inventory - Why define a datasource?

Scenario -- I have a device group with a mix of AWS EC2 with Local Collector, EC2 with only the cloud collector, RDS instances, and Load Balancers. I went and created a device inventory report to grab some info about EC2 tags. It asks for a datasource, so I've tried a few--"Ping", "HostStatus", "AWS_EC2". No matter which I select, the resulting report has all devices--EC2, ELBs, RDS--regardless of the datasource selection. So obviously the datasource selection in this report type doesn't mean what I think it means. So what is this option used for?

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  • @Joe Tran - that might be for the inclusion of instances that contain device information - which I believe comes from the time before PropertySources existed. For example, the Device Component Inventory DataSource often returns the serial number of a device as the name of an Instance:

    That is a best guess - that DataSource also populates with installed hardware, depending on the device.