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7 years ago

PropertySource - Cisco_Product_Info

A first pass at creating a Cisco_Product_Info PropertySource, credit to Brandon McEarchern for finding the OID used in this LogicModule. This OID responds for many Cisco devices (routers, switches, ASAs), but not all.


Retrieves entPhysicalSerialNum from Cisco devices, saving the value to auto.entPhysicalSerialNum property.


LM Locator: JR3ZFA

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  • We definitely need something standard like this in core.

    I'll take note of it.

  • @Andrey Kitsen and @Bennett Borofka, prospect m24seven recently asked me for serial number data from a Siklu radio device. No, I'd never heard of them either.

    Anyway... The Siklu device uses the same OID table for serial (and other) data, as it's a generic table not a vendor-specific one.

    Taking Cisco_Product_Info as the base, I've developed it out to the prospect's requirements and saved this as "EntityMIB_Product_Info", which will look for this data on anything SNMP.

    Within the 30 devices currently within m24seven, it's found serial number and other data on the Siklu, a Fortigate, and various Ciscos. Documentation suggests Dell also make use of this OID table.

    My guess is, it'll work on a fairly wide range of other vendors' devices too.


    Locator: v1.3.0: 7YFNXF