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6 years ago

Property-based Windows service monitoring

I recently published CGYKT4.


In this DataSource, a groovy script checks for the presence of the custom.MonitoredServices property. If the value is "SYN_Windows_Basic_Services" then the script replaces that with a hard-coded set of standard services. If custom.MonitoredServices contains any comma-spearated list of services, then the script just uses those. Finally, if custom.MonitoredServices contains "SYN_Windows_Basic_Services" and a comma-separated list of services, then the standard list of services is added to the values from the property.


Once the list of services is determined, the script checks if those services exist on the target device. If so, an instance is created and the script generates an alert if the service is not running.

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  • As of 5/20/19 -- still pending security review....


    Would love to have this functionality... any reason it's taking so long for review?