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7 years ago

Prevent GUI from purging datapoints after changing collection method

When cloning an existing datasource and changing the type from one type to another similar type, all of the datapoints immediately disappear.  I am overhauling some of my script and webpage datasources where the output is json or key-value pair into batchscript.  As soon as I change the collection type, the datapoints immediately disappear and it's like I'm starting from scratch.  The script auto-discovery and collection panes also get wiped out.  Unfortunately this has translated into me spending a lot of time recreating datapoints instead of modifying existing ones.  I understand why those datapoints are not compatible with SNMP or CIM collection methods, but they should largely be transferable between certain datasources.

On the bright side - this has forced me to start overhauling my datasources by exporting and importing the XML files.  Still, it would be great if the GUI could play nice for some of us power users.  :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">