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7 years ago

Option to disable deleted devices

Please add an option that would enable users to toggle if deletes are final or go into the deleted devices group. We like all deletes to be final as we do lots of deletes and add, the extra step of removing from deleted devices means additional mouse clicks.

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    Hi @Mosh -

    Thanks for the feedback. Devices in the recently deleted devices section are permanently deleted after 7 days, so you shouldn't need to make that additional mouse click. Do you have a concern with leaving the recently deleted devices in that transition area for 7 days?



  • HI @Sarah Terry

    We're implementing a software network WAN which means we're doing a lot of deletes and re-IPing other existing devices. If a deleted device exists with the new IP being assigned to another existing device it doesn't let us assign the IP. We need to perm delete first. Unless I'm missing a trick? 

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    @Mosh got it. We're thinking it might be better to remove deleted devices from being counted towards the unique IP requirement to resolve this issue, vs forcing a permanent delete every time. Is your workflow to delete via API or are you manually deleting in the UI?

  • @Sarah Terry We do it manually (dependant on external info).  The not counting toward unique IP would be fine.  Thanks!