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6 years ago

Not able to connect raspberry Pi using Logicmonitor collector

I am using secured Mesh network to communicate the raspberry pi with wireless sensors to monitor the readings. But my goal is to connect the received readings from raspberry pi to be displayed on smartphones and desktops through wireless communication, I am able to install Logicmonitor collector in raspbian OS but while adding device I am not able find out any info which made me think that might my device is still not connected,

Is there any application which if installed in smartphone will help us to check the readings ?

Apologies In advance if I am not informative much as  I am new in IOT play, so need your suggestion to make this criteria functional.  

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  • LogicMonitor Collectors don't yet support Raspian OS. Our Collector has been built for the x86 CPU architecture, and there are a few tricks to get it to run on the ARM processors found in Raspberry Pi devices. 



  • So can you suggest me how can i use it with those tricks or any documentation available which might help me in this ? For a start I can try to save the readings in Raspberry Pi memory in CSV format  but your suggestion on how can I send those files to logicmoniter will be much helpful for me.