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7 years ago

Native, non-REST API, Groovy helper class to add OpsNotes in a Datasource Definition.

The concept of OpsNotes is growing on me. What would really make it shine would be a Groovy helper class/client that can insert an OpsNote from within a Datasource definition for the device context without resorting to using the REST API.  

Use Case-- we have a datasource for SQL Servers to count the number of blocking sessions on a per database basis. The DBAs want a way to capture some of the session metadata with this metric. OpsNotes seem like a potential way of capturing this. 

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  • Resurrecting this feature request to make any such helper class available to PropertySources and any other LogicModule that supports embedded Groovy scripts. 

    I was just asked by a fellow engineer if we could track when specific proprietary software is updated and correlate that with system metrics. A PropertySource would be ideal for this type of version tracking--we would just need to be able to create OpsNotes from within the embedded Groovy.