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5 years ago

Meraki Monitoring


I was wondering if anyone out there would be able to help me out with the proper way to monitor multiple Meraki devices.

The use case will be to have the ability to monitor one Meraki Firewall and multiple Meraki switches in multiple sites.  However from my understanding they are under one cloud access URL.  

What would the best coarse of action to monitor these devices to get individual device statistics?

Thanks in Advance

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  • You can monitor Meraki Devices individually by adding each device and using the Interface VLAN IP for each site on the MX. The interface needs to be available by the LogicMonitor Collector which is most likely the case if the remote sites are connected back to HQ via VPN. This is assuming your LogicMonitor Collector is located at HQ. 

    Meraki MX > Security & SD-WAN > Addressing & VLANS > Use either Management or Data Interface VLAN IP

    If you use templating on the Meraki Portal, make sure your MX template has a configuration for SNMP Users. So navigate to the Meraki MX Template and go to Network Wide > General > Scroll down to SNMP Users and configure a Username and Passphrase if using SNMPv3 and this will push the configuration to all your MX's. 

    Lastly, on the LM side you might need to specify snmp.priv custom property as DES specifically as there might be issues in collecting, but AES might work as well. In addition you can go to Organization > Configure > Settings > and scroll down to the SNMP section and enable SNMPv2 or SNMPv3. Enter your preferred Authentication/Privacy Password and Mode. You can also lock the IP Restrictions down to your Collector IP's. 


    Hope this helps!

  • When you add to LogicMonitor, with the correct SNMP details from the cloud website, LogicMonitor should pull in all the devices hosted in that cloud account. It will look something like below. You can also add the devices directly, assuming the collector is on the same network, which provides a bit more detail like listing each interface for switches, but also some overlap with the cloud version. I would suggest setting the cloud version first, then perhaps add local versions of each type of device and review differences. You can always do both and disable checks that overlap if needed.

    Also note that if you have multiple Meraki Cloud accounts, they each need to be on their own collector OR you can use DNS tricks like discussed here: a href="" rel="">Meraki Multiple Organizations

  • Thanks Guys!

    One further question i would have then is referring to licensing...

    If I am only monitoring one Cloud Access Controller then that would mean i am only burning one device license at that point correct?


  • Correct! That's the incentive of monitoring it the way @Mike Moniz mentioned.