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6 years ago

LM Cloud - Support for AWS Tagging for Elastic Beanstalk and Lambda

Elastic Beanstalk tagging has been around since 2014 and AWS Lambda Function tagging is relatively recent as well. Would it be possible to get the Cloud Collector to start importing the tags as systemProperties like other AWS resources that support tagging?

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    Hi @Joe Tran,

    Tags should already be added as properties for both Elastic Beanstalk and Lambda - are you seeing cases where this isn't happening?


  • Hi, @Sarah Terry. It is not. It is, of course, picking up the tags that get passed down to the EC2 instances the Elastic Beanstalk spins up, but those tags do not appear on the Cloud device representing the environment itself. 

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    @Joe Tran interesting - it may be a permissions issue. What permissions do you have specified for Elastic Beanstalk? With the following permissions, I'm seeing tags discovered for the cloud resource representing the environment itself:



  • Looks like I am missing the "ListTagsForResource", but that action is also missing from the IAM Policy Visual Editor :S. I think TPTB that control IAM for my organization may have excised anything that didn't pop up as valid via the visual editor. 

    Thanks, @Sarah Terry. I'll have the aforementioned TPTB re-do the policy.