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8 years ago

Gather and store more relevant WMI data for auto-grouping and category population

During the initial and periodic device auto-discovery tasks, there should be far more information stored about each device.  This information should be easily accessible from the device information page and populated with data such as "Installed Programs", "Installed Features", "Running Services", "Domain Role", etc.  This information could then be used to auto-group devices.  For example, I should be able to create an auto-discover rule that automatically grabs all Domain Controllers based on the system.installedservices and system.installedfeatures categories.  There is no reason I should have to manually move this server that is clearly a Domain Controller into my group labeled "Domain Controllers".  This approach would allow administrators to "set it and forget it" instead of having to be hands-on every time a new device is added or discovered.

This data can be easily populated from standard WMI classes:

  • system.installedservices = win32_services.displayname
  • system.serverfeatures = win32_serverfeature.Name

Please help me organize my devices automatically.  We have too many machines in too many environments to manually sort them all into groups.

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  • Hi Brandon - I apologize that I missed your question!  You hopefully have a few PropertySources up and running by now, and our engineers are available if you need any help.

  • On 11/11/2016 at 5:08 PM, Annie Dunham said:

     we're adding PropertySources in v.83


    Thank you so much Annie - that is indeed great news!  Do you by chance have any idea when this version is scheduled for release?  I'm very excited to use this new feature as soon as possible.

  • You'll be happy to know we're adding PropertySources in v.83, designed for this type of scenario.  Once available, you can write a script to tell us exactly which properties to set based on applies to criteria.  Those properties will then be auto set, and available for dynamic groups. 

    It'll take awhile for us to build a full repository, but the good news is the feature is built with the flexibility to work with any of your device types as you grow.