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7 years ago

Disable Active Discovery at the Device and Parent Folder level

We've come across an issue where it would be really helpful to disable active discovery at the device level and/or the parent folder level.

The issue popped up when we added lots of APC UPS devices to LogicMonitor.  For some odd reason, the UPS's trigger "Unauthorized Access" alerts when snmp gets/walks are run against them for OID's that don't exist or are not applicable to them.  So now, they are spamming the network team everytime an snmp datasource triggers active discovery even when that datasource will never apply to the device.  In the case of these UPS's, a one time or ad hoc discovery is totally sufficient.

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  • I'd forgotten about auto properties tasks - these were the actual culprit causing some of our UPS's to trigger these "unauthorized access" email notifications.  Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a way to disable these.

    I would really like a switch, check box, radio buttons - whatever - to easily choose what tasks (auto properties, active discovery, data collection) run against a given device.  

  • FWIW - I recognize that the applies to field can be updated on all datasources that don't apply, but that is tedious and then these will be flagged as "different" from the ones in the repository which can cause other confusion when we decide to update the datasources.