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8 years ago

Datasource Display Name token

The datasource tokens ##DataSource## and ##INSTANCE## do not allow for enough granularity.

For example, if I want to the an alert to state that it is a "Citrix Services" alert, I cannot just use the ##DataSource## token as this will also include the Instance name, which may be long and confusing such as "WinCitrixServices-Citrix Independent Management Architecture".

A ##DataSourceDisplayName## or similar token would resolve this, the name is stored by LM as dataSourceDisplayName. This token is what I am requesting.

With the current setup, ##DataSource## equals Datasource.dataSourceName + instance.DisplayName
And ##INSTANCE## equals instance.Name


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  • It is actually a bit worse than this as the left half of the ##DataSource## token is not datasourceName, but datasourceDisplayName -- there is no token for datasourceName (or one that even includes it).  I think that ##INSTANCE## is the actual instance string, not a display name, but the two really ought to be available separately.  I recently ran into this trying to use these tokens to access datapoint definition details from the API, and found it impossible.  I was given a workaround of indirecting through the API alerts table, which does have the datasourceName field (labeled resourceTemplateName in the API results).  If you are trying to just build an alert statically out of tokens, you can't really do much other than request more tokens are added.  I personally can't use the static method for many reasons -- a builtin dynamic templating system would be awesome, but I had to use a custom integration to achieve this.


  • Thanks for sharing your solution to this. Unfortunately i need this for the built in Connectwise integration. I think I will just use the API to add a custom property to each device listing the datasources applied, but that wont help in showing which datasource is currently alerting.

    We really need this available as a token.