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8 years ago

Customized Juniper Interface datasources

I've published these customized interface datasources for use with Juniper Networks' switches and routers.  Combined with additional snmp configuration of the devices, these have helped make Juniper devices a little easier to deal with.  I think there is much room for additional customization to permit further grouping.


  • in all three the Collection schedule is unchanged but the Discovery period has been reduced to the minimum (10 minutes), which may not be necessary for all use-cases/environments. 
  • none of the default datapoints (normal and complex) were removed or edited in any way
  • "snmp64_If_juniper_VCP_interfaces" does not capture every single VCP port in VC larger than 2 members.  Additional investigation is needed to understand how Juniper makes VCP accessible via snmp, and whether or not it is possible to discover and monitor every such instance.
    snmp64_If_juniper_logical: MM6C96
  • snmp64_If_juniper_physical: WZ2AZC
  • snmp64_If_juniper_VCP_interfaces: YZ42H7