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8 years ago

Combined Reports

I want to be able to send customers a monthly report that is a combination of several other reports. 
So we need a way to multi select reports to create a combined report that will send a single email with a single report that contains the contents of the selected reports. 

For example I have SLA reports setup for CPU, Memory, and DiskUsage and I have a report that shows a list of all alerts of level Error and above. These are four separate reports. I would like to be able to combine all of these into a single report that gets emailed to the customer. 

Any ideas how this could be done?





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  • Thanks, I will look at the link. 

    I just discovered another slight issue in that I can't generate a report that says show me all servers with any disk volume over 75%.   I can create one that shows me all disk volume usage but no way to filter it to just those over x%. 
    Chatted with support they also could not figure that one out. 

    Any ideas on that?



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    Hi Gary, 

    This will be possible with our custom reporting templates in the near future. At the moment we can support the alert based functions you need, and are building out functionality to be able to include SLA data as well. In the meantime, you could use the custom reporting to at least combine your alert level reports into a single one and schedule that. Let me know if that would work for now, or if you have any questions around building out your template. You can find documentation here.



  • Yes, please allow for filtering of report elements as described above (using same sort of filter as in Active Discovery perhaps?).  Another related idea is to be able to take a dashboard and send it as a report -- if you do all the hard layout work there, sure is a shame not to be able to leverage that in the email rollup reports clients request!



  • Filtering reports by threshold would be a wonderful feature to have.

    It's not the end of the world to simply download a large CSV and do a little Excel magic. But from a proactive maintenance perspective, I'd like to just get the equivalent of an "exceptions" report.

    My ideal use case is steady disk space growth, as t's not a big enough deal to notify my team when someone reaches 85% disk space, However, for the proactive maintenance team member, having a daily or weekly report of just those gently breaking through the threshold means less time filtering alerts in the LogicMonitor portal, and more time fixing stuff!