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7 years ago

Collectors for non-routable vlans

What do you suggest setting up the collectors for monitoring non-routable vlans or no-internet vlans ? I don't want to use the Proxy option , because that would involve changing the layer 3 network.

I am thinking about building dual NIC collectors, and use 1 nic for collecting, 1 nic for Internet traffic. My questions are: Does LogicMonitor recommend this method ? Do you have any thought ?

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  • anyone ? I would imagine a lot of companies have this challenge

  • non-routable VLANs are typically your storage networks and other types of networks. I'd say if you'd want to do this, you'd need to add a network adapter for each network you want to monitor against. you'd effectively need a leg on each network then that collector would need to have a default gateway that has access to the internet.

  • Yeah, as Tom suggests, (and you, in your opening post), dual NIC or VLAN collectors is probably the solution. Should work fine - LogicMonitor collectors just use the host's routing table, so no issue there.