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6 years ago

Collector 27.002 Memory Leaks

Has anyone else experienced any issues with Collector 27.002?  I updated our SNMP collector (8G RAM, about 600 devices) a few days ago and twice it has gone down with memory maxing out.  Have downgraded back to 27.000.  I did a Send Logs to LogicMonitor, if it helps.

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  • Hi Mosh, 


    Thanks for the report, would you mind submitting a support ticket with the collector details? 


    We will review and let you know what we find out asap. 

  • @Chris Seiber Hi, sure will do.  

    Do you guys track downgrades by customer?  I'm going to downgrade all of mine to 27.000 as another one had a sudden CPU spike last night and crashed.