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8 years ago

Collapse Clustered Instances at Group Level

It has recently become clear to me that when you have multiple devices with the same instances (due to clustering or otherwise shared resources), there is no way to collapse these into a single alerting instance without a lot of manual and maintenance-intensive effort.  The most recent example I have run into relates to vSphere with shared datastores (i.e., any implementation with vCenter, vMotion, etc.).  In those cases, LM fails to distinguish the datastores presented at the cluster level from host-local datastores, and all are presented in parallel.  With a vCenter and 8 hosts, this generates 9 alerts per clustered DS.  I have been told by support I am out of luck on this for now, which is unfortunate, but I had an idea that could be used for this case along with other similar cases.  Sadly, the name "Cluster Alerts" has already been taken, but I would call this idea that as well, just with a different methodology.  So either an extension to Cluster Alerts or some new name TBD.  The idea is to collapse specific instances within a group into a single instance at the group level.  This way we can pick which instances are clustered (still manual, but manageable) and ensure only a single alert and view of those instances.  Ideally, LM could be smart enough to identify the clustered elements and do this automatically, but this method would apply to any similar situation even if the API does not reveal the cluster binding details like ESX does.  Please consider adding this enhancement soon!


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