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7 years ago

Cisco Syslog will not work

We have tried with multiple vendors sending syslog to LogicMonitor and we cannot get it to display.  Support sends us back the the article which also doesn't help.  Does anyone actually have a large scale syslog setup for cisco equipment in LogicMonitor that could walk me through what they did in the event source to successfully set it up?

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  • Matthew,

    Please let me know when this is out.  None of our Cisco equipment works.  IN the meantime,  we have started using a different syslog system that works fine.

  • Rharrelson,

    Sorry to hear you are having difficulty getting Syslog messages to work with your LogicMonitor account. Can you let me know what your case number is which you recently worked on this with our Support team? I can take a look at the case notes and get back to you via the ticket to see if there is anything we might have missed. Thanks.

  • I can open a new case but every time I hit support up they send me back to the same syslog article and tell me follow instructions.  We even used a Block of Hours and it still doesn't work.  So really would not start out and go in circles again.  I have followed all the instructions and even learned how to use your log files to compare.  Unless someone is willing to actually get on the phone and help me beyond pointing me to the same things I really see no way to get it resolved.  Amazingly I install other syslog products and they work perfectly.  This has been a 4 month battle.

  • Our apologies -- this is a product bug related to some Cisco devices sending non-standard syslog data. We're working on a fix.