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7 years ago

Changes to the Big Number widget (more flexibility, this is a dashboard!)

A recent change to the Big Number widget has decreased formatting flexibility :(. It used to be that you could set thresholds to change colors if the number is between certain values and your "All other times" (else) condition could be any color you wanted to match the style of your dashboard. This allowed the flexibility to integrate the Big Number into your existing creative style with the added benefit of "POP" it falls below or between a certain lower threshold. For example, a red or orange number if server uptime is <=5 days, but grey or white text when that condition isn't met.

After this recent change, anytime threshold isn't met the number is forced to be a "mild green" color which does NOT integrate well with most of the available Widget Appearance color schemas. Yes you can turn off thresholds and choose any number color you want, but you lose valuable attention-drawing functionality (which I would say is the point of this widget). In general, this really fouls up the asthetics of my client-facing dashboards. Have a look for yourself (attached).

Please restore the flexibility (that we had previously) to change the Big Number "All other times" condition to something other than green. I'd suggest using the same color palat you get with the "Text" widget. This allows more visually flexible dashboarding and lets face it, dashboards are meant to be asthetically pleasing. Versatility of color goes a long way in achieving this.

I've got a ticket open (99920) related to this suggestion, I encourage others to post comments (agree/disagree) here.

Thanks everyone!


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  • It looks like a recent patch has resolved this, thanks for listening Logic Monitor!