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8 years ago

Auto assign interface to instance group

Hello All,

I have been tasked with creating a new datasource that will assign a device's interface to a specific instance group based o the description of the interface. Is there a way to auto assign the interface using the description LM pulls from the device? For example, if you look at the attached picture, you will see there are two instance groups, Critical Interfaces and Unmonitored. We would like to be able to have LM automatically assign an interface to the Critical Interface group if the interface has "CI" at the beginning of the description. All other interfaces would automatically be assigned to the unmonitored group if they lack this designation.

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  • Hi Travis - You will technically be able to do this with the latest EA collector and v.83 if you add an instance property to your Critical Interfaces.  You can then choose to auto group those instances based on that property.  We'll also take a look at extending our regex grouping to support description.