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6 years ago

Alert Test Report

I started a chat under ticket 119191 and discussed this with Seth. I would like you to consider this for your next roadmap. I want to be able to see what alerts "would fire" without enabling the alerts.

Onboarding 10 new devices to a new group with alerting disabled. I want to QUICKLY see how many would fire if I enabled them. No hunting, no slowly turning each one up one by one to prevent the new alert deluge. Maybe a report with applied thresholds and current values with clear indicators what alert level the value is within at the report runtime. 

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  • I'm all for a built-in functionality for this. We onboard devices and whole environments on a regular basis and one trick we use is to create a group (even if temporary) for these new devices and place that group in long-term SDT. Devices created under this group will still create alerts internal to LogicMonitor but SDT prevents sending out any notifications. You can also filter out this group from any standard dashboards or reports using (!groupname*) and also do the reverse and create special reports that only apply to this group. If you mostly focus on notifications, you can instead create special alert rules to bypass standard notification/integrations rules for this group and either have LM not send anything or send them to the people who are doing the on boarding.


  • We have a a Group that we onboard devices into. That group has an alert rule/escalation chain associated with it. That rule forwards the alerts to nowhere. This allows us to accomplish what you are looking to do.

  • Ditto - we have an "xx Not Live xx" Group any new onboarding projects get added to subgroups of this,  we then set alert rule to this 'not live' group with email notifications etc going to null@null.null i.e. nowhere. this enables us to see all alerts on newly imported devices and work on them from there.