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5 years ago

Alert 'pinning'

We would like to have the ability to "pin" an alert.  Use case, an alert is raised for file system utilization, but it's right on the threshold and is fluctuating just enough for the alert to clear the next day, but then comes back the day after that, or a couple of days later.  This results in fresh tickets being opened each time.  Ops would like to be able to ping the alert, because they know they will need to expand the file system but it might take a week or three to arrange an outage on the business service, and get the change request approved (enterprise environment).

Pinning the alert would mean the alert remain in place and does not clear until manually unpinned.

Even better would be if LogicMonitor could intelligently detect this kind of condition and auto pin.  #AIOps

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  • Not sure I like this idea. This could be handled in your ticketing system.

    All alerts have a specific LMID. Send that as well with the ticket create and if the incident is still open/active child or don't create at all.