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8 years ago

Alert driven SNMP set request


I had a discussion with John Matthews this morning and would like to raise this as a feature request. Let's assume a Linux VM is monitored by LogicMonitor via SNMP. If this disk space exceeded 90%, I (IT administrator) want to issue a SNMP set query to execute a script to either troubleshoot that VM or run some clean up routines. As of today LogicMonitor only allows user to post this alert into external system ( Is there any chance this feature request can be enabled for future LM release? 

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  • Hi Horace -

    Yep -- we've fielded this request from a number of customers. The overarching need, as we understand it, is that we provide the ability to actuate some pre-defined remediation action on a host or device that's in alert. Running an SNMP set command be one of these actions, but there are likely others.

    In any case, this feature is under active discussion but hasn't yet been added to our product roadmap.