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8 years ago

Add the numbers from multiple graphs. e-g Traffic from multiple interfaces and routers

would like to have the ability to get a single graph which the aggregated amount of traffic from multiple routers and multiple interfaces.

e-g. We peer with an AS100 in three locations. I want to know the total traffic to that AS100 in one graph.

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  • Hi Pandiyan,

    You can create a dashboard custom graph widget and configure this to use Aggregate -> Sum (rather than e.g. top 5, top 10, top 25).

    You can do this for e.g. all interfaces on a single device, or across multiple devices, as necessary, by manipulating the group, device, and instance selection fields within the widget configuration.

    Once you have defined the datapoints (by group(s), device(s) and instance(s) required) you can select the 'Aggregate' option in the graph configuration and 'Sum' as the aggregation method:

    This will produce one line on the graph, per datapoint:

    You can also add virtual datapoints in to custom graph widgets, which would let you add the in and out totals together to provide a single, combined, line, if desired.

    Additionally, you can create a new overview graph to show an aggregation (sum|min|max|average) across all instances on a single device in the DataSource definition, such that the totals could be seen in the device view without creating a dashboard and custom graph widget. Please contact support for assistance with this, and see this documentation page for more details:

    I hope this helps.

  • Do we have the same aggregate function for other types of Widgets also?

    I have 5 each prod and test servers (like prod1 - prod5; test1 - test5) and I want to display the cumulative of CPU Utilization from all these 5 servers respectively in Table Widget. I was searching for the Aggregate function option but I dint find it.

    Can anyone please help me on this case