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2021-04-28 Office Hours - What's New at LogicMonitor

Make plans now to attend this month's Office Hours webinar. In addition to our usual open Q&A, we will be pleased to have Chris Sternberg and Brian Gladden, product managers at LogicMonitor give us an update on the newest product features released around our Alert UI improvements and Cloud Exchange and SaaS monitoring. Then, if you have questions about how to best use LogicMonitor, our experts will be live to answer your questions. There are no planned topics as this webinar is a true office hours. Bring your coffee and questions!

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    Here's the replay from today's webinar. Please provide feedback about this session.


    Questions Asked during this webinar:

    [13:07] We are already monitoring Zoom and Office365 the old way. Is there an advantage to changing?

    [14:17] Office365 datasources look usage related. Are there any for service status?

    [14:45] Under previous O365 monitoring setup, many of the existing DataSources timed out when collecting stats from any non-tiny org.  There was really no good option (that we found) to expand the timeout to give the collector more time without potentially impacting other batchscripts the collector runs by letting those also take longer.  Does this new O365 monitoring setup allow for polling larger O365 orgs successfully since it's not tied to our local collectors now?

    [15:52] So are local, on-prem collectors going away?

    [16:15] Our organization is a very very very high-rate user of the Zoom API, so much so that we had to take on a organization-wide effort to identify Zoom API use and back off what was not absolutely needed. What visibility and/or customization will be available for Zoom data collection? We will _have to_ have the ability to change collection intervals for example. In a "perfect world" the DataSources would be self-aware (or at least aware of the organization API use limits ? and attempt to adjust collection data in response to API quotas.

    [17:23] Can you show a Sharepoint or MS TEAM graphic dashboards as example for this SaaS Monitoring ?

    [19:51] Will moving from old to new be subject to SLM?  Or do we need to consider old/new side-by-side running?

    [21:37] Hybrid Exchange environment monitoring?

    [22:36] Is there any timeline when the old O365 DS's will be deprecated?  My understanding is that the new solution for at least O365 will be an additional cost.  Is that true?

    [23:42] Historical data is important to us, when updating to the new solution with historical data be migrated?

    [37:35] This shows total alerts, is there a way to break it down per folder?

    [39:17] Which version is the alert graph available? I'm on 151 and don't have access. The graph says no data.

    [40:23] When should we expect this Alerts UI change to be available as a widget in the dashboard? I know folks would like to be able to use the tree map view to drill down into alerts from a customer-specific dashboard.

    [41:18] There plans to be able to generate any kinds of reports including these graphs?

    [42:35] Any plans to add globbing / and / or / not in the Alerts page filters? For example "!(NoEscalation)" would be a live-saver for us. Specifically filtering on Escalation Chain gives checkboxes only right now. It's the ability to exclude which is really what we'd like. Doesn't work to exclude with "!" currently.
    Exclude does work
    Exclude DOES work

    [46:00] When I use my filters to hide specific resources and instances the graph isn't available, but if I remove all filters the graph appears. I assume I should provide feed back for this? Time range is any time. I think this is a bug

    [51:35] Random LMExchange question: Settings>LogicModules list DS out by group which aligns well with how they will appear under resources.  LMExchange "Package" grouping seem to be completely seperate from the previous group option.  How are the package groups determined and can they be defined anywhere/anyhow? No way to define a package group ourselves?  For example, we created a Troubleshooting group that has various DS that we use to extract additional details to diagnose problems.  Right now, we can't group those together in anyway within LMExchange or even filter by group (2nd option would resolve concern too) @Michael Rodrigues

    [57:03] General LM question.... Until recently when a boat-load of PropertySources in Core were updated to exclude in the AppliesTo the Category already applied. This brought to my attention that Categories "never" go away once applied. Any advice for dealing with "stale" Categories? (Yes I know we're out of time.) ? There was a discussion about "stale" Categories and how to handle them (in the Forums) but there wasn't any good answer IIRC. I believe this was the most recent on the topic: