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LM Community - 2023 in Review

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4 months ago

Happy New Year to all of you, our extraordinary Community Members! Now that we’ve wrapped up 2023, let's give a big round of virtual applause 👏🏼 to our LogicMonitor community! 🎉

Community Engagement Awards 

The Community Engagement Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions and dedication of individuals within our community who go above and beyond to foster engagement, support their peers, and enhance the overall collaborative spirit.  

Top 3 Customers 

We’d like to give a special shoutout to our rockstar customers who stay especially active on our Community! Your exceptional dedication to keeping the engagement and support vibes strong has greatly contributed to making LogicMonitor better everyday. It's not just about strengthening our network bonds; you've helped take our platform to a whole new level. Your commitment to creating a lively and helpful community is what lends to making LogicMonitor shine. Please keep being the amazing customers that you are, and know that we're beyond grateful for the positive impact you've had on our shared experience! In addition to your “Customer of the Year” badge, you will also receive custom LM Community Swag! Please watch your PM for details! 😎

Top 3 Employees

We’d also like to give a huge thank you to our top LMer’s for their phenomenal customer assistance! Your dedication has been the secret sauce that's making our service outstanding. You consistently go above and beyond, and it's not just about responding to customers – you're setting the bar high for outstanding support. Your know-how and genuine care has created extraordinary experiences for our customers. You're making a lasting impact, and we couldn't be more grateful for all of your effort and hard work.  Thank you for all that you’ve done to support our Community and our customers! You are appreciated! In addition to your “Employee of the Year” badge, you will also receive custom LM Community Swag. Please watch your PM for details! 💪🏼

Thanks a million to our Top Customers & Employees! Here’s to keeping this collaboration and growth train rolling together in 2024! You're the real MVPs, driving the success of our incredible community. Thank you for being the force that keeps us thriving! 🙌🏼

2023 in Review

We welcomed 661 new members to our LM Community this year, adding even more excitement to our already existing camaraderie. An abundance of brainpower and problem-solving was evident as the community was on fire 💥 with 3,555 posts! We have to give high-fives 🖐🏼 all around as we reached a record breaking 10,569 likes 👍🏼 across the board. And thanks to everyone’s inquisitive nature and desire to learn more, we collectively racked up a massive 203,663 page views 👀, exploring and learning together. Thanks to each one of you for making our community buzz 🐝 with energy. Here's to even more collaborating, learning, and good times in 2024! 🚀

Here is some of our top content in 2023! 

Most Views - Accessing the LogicMonitor REST API with Postman and LMv1 API Token Authentication 

Most Replies - Collection Scripts

Most Liked - New Resources UI


What to expect in 2024

  • New LogicMasters Super User group: Customers will be invited to join based on their previous engagement in Community. 🤘🏼
  • New & Improved LM Community Platform: Announcement Coming Soon! 💫

Byte Size Humor

On New Year's Eve in the lively world of LogicMonitor, the party was on a whole new wavelength. Amps, the resident DJ bot, cranked up the digital beats while Bob, the snack-savvy bot, rolled in with trays of binary-coded snacks. The dance floor was buzzing with energy as Dozer, Greta, Nigel, and even the baby bots showed off their groovy moves, executing algorithms that left onlookers in awe.

Dozer, with its robust chassis, breakdanced like there was no tomorrow, creating a techno-tornado of sparks. Greta and Nigel, the dynamic duo, synchronized their moves, executing a flawless routine that had the baby bots attempting their first disco wiggles.

Amidst the neon lights and pixelated confetti, Lomo, the vigilant security bot, kept watch to ensure no unauthorized data breaches occurred on the dance floor. Every now and then, Lomo would throw in a slick moonwalk just to show that security bots could have a sense of style too.
As the clock struck midnight, the bots toasted with oil cans and exchanged messages of "Happy New Year!" in a synchronized display of unity. The LogicMonitor New Year's Eve bash was proof that even in the world of tech, celebrations could be electric, snacks could be binary, and dancing could be algorithmically flawless. Here's to another year of glitch-free festivities in the digital realm! uWuYeTUjtGufRMT-TnxlGG4HVjBN2lE1Czpf70Wzz4CDPl63LmMYhafU01UWVIAm64W7M_3Z4w_Lz2KmIF8sJSbFqo4Ct2yAkk_RSUr-j1cNt7C1cmhnwGXsA6ZRIDYRM9YE2cIkpQXqZhyvFGUH3FI



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