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Community Newsletter - September 2023

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8 months ago

LM Community Spotlight


LM Customer of the Month

Meet David Bond!  LM Community customer of the month! 

Hi - I'm David Bond, Director at Panoramic Data, LogicMonitor's long-standing, UK-based Technology Partner. I'm a .NET developer, and a member of the "Bondie Family", alongside my lovely wife Becky and our two wonderful daughters, Rachael and Amy.

You are probably underutilizing the power of the LogicMonitor REST API. With it, LogicMonitor's core capabilities can be infinitely extended. We use it extensively for automation, reporting, and System Integration via our open source, MIT-licensed LogicMonitor .NET nuget library. This is FREE, so please do use it! You can find it here or simply search for "LogicMonitor" in the Visual Studio nuget package manager.

What do you love most about being a member of the LM community? LogicMonitor listens to its customers, regardless of organization size. At Customer Success events and online, roadmaps are shared, opinions are heard and socks are gifted! With the introduction of, all conversations can be held in the open and everyone with an opinion can weigh in. Good companies listen, but great companies encourage open discussion. Long may it continue!


LM Employee of the Month

​Meet Kwame Armstrong! LM Community Employee of the month!  

Kwame is a Technical Support Engineer who joined LogicMonitor October 2022. Kwame drives for efficient and effective customer support case resolution while leveraging his deep level of LogicMonitor product expertise. Kwame ranks as an LM Community Conqueror, based on his helpfulness to our Community

What do you love most about being a member of the LM community?  Honestly, I love feeling like I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Being a part of this community offers a plethora of learning opportunities, and chances to expand my knowledge of this robust product. "Each one, teach one"


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LogicBots Bytesize Humor



Meet Vizzi!  

Vizzi, is one of our “old school” robots, he has three interplanetary objects named after him.

Loves Bird watching of which his favorite species is “Sula Nebouxii”.  

He binge watches Parks and Recreation and anything narrated by David Attenborough. Is a Patreon member of Star Talk and dreams of having dinner with Neil Degrasse Tyson.


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    Congrats @Kwame A! 🎉

    Here’s a congratulatory mug for all your hard work:

  • Congrats @Kwame A! 🎉

    Here’s a congratulatory mug for all your hard work:

    This is awesome!