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Community Newsletter - July 2023

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10 months ago

For the Month of July month we have our spotlight on Cole McDonald and Amr Abdelrahman along with top viewed content, a new Customer onboarding group, along with a bit of bot humor with Dozer. 

LM Community Spotlight

 LM Customer of the Month


Meet Cole McDonald, LM Community customer of the month!  As a member of our Open Beta Group, he provides valuable feedback to improve our UX & product. He has a very clear understanding of our product and looks past just the capabilities to be creative with our product.  Not only is he actively helping other customers in our Product Discussion forums, he is also part of our LM Off-roaders group and he enjoys giving back to his community.

What do you love most about being a member of the LM community?  The LogicMonitor Community provides access to other users of the platform who are always willing to share their solutions to interesting challenges they've overcome. If the challenges I present aren't known to them, there is a core set of LM Staff and Users that love to dig into those challenges or provide ideas and guidance for me to do so.

Beyond just the work-a-day technical and networking reasons for the community forum, I've actually got to meet folks here outside the confines of a work/conference environment and been able to hook into common interests outside the technology space.

I've been on and moderated several special interest forums in the past and the LogicMonitor Community is among the best of those experiences.

LM Employee of the Month


Meet Amr Abdelrahman, our LM Community Employee of the month!  Amr joined LM in July of 2021, he is a Technical Support Engineer, a role that requires expertise & training on helping customers. He also ranks as an LM Community Conqueror, based on his helpfulness to our Community.  

What do you love most about being a member of the LM community? what I love the most is how the LM Community broadens the scope of assistance I can provide, enabling me to help our customers problem-solve a wide range of topics. Additionally, I enjoy learning from the creative solutions that customers share with the LM community and how they've applied these solutions in their own environments.”

Top Content

Customer Story Showcase
 Consolidating monitoring tools: How Schneider Electric was able to reduce MTTI.

Product Discussions  
Accessing the LogicMonitor REST API with Postman and LMv1 API Token Authentication

Collection Scripts

Tech Talk
Enjoy a higher level of security and peace of mind with LM Linux collector.

LM News
Welcome to the LogicMonitor Customer Onboarding Group!


New Group: Customer Onboarding
We know that setting up and learning a new tool can be challenging, so we created this group just for you!


Contests & Challenges

How to share Community content! And get some swag!


LogicBots Bytesize Humor


Meet Dozer! Her favorite movie is the Little Mermaid. She adopted Petunia, an unidentifiable mixed breed with a snaggle tooth that she knits seasonal outfits for. Has won the largest “pumpkin “growing contest 5 years running, from which she donates the proceeds to charity. Has formed an urban farming alliance that specializes in legumes.

Dozer asked her friend AI if it could create a Robot Mermaid in her image, what would it look like?

The mermaid robot has a sleek and streamlined metallic body, reminiscent of a dolphin's shape. Its torso and head are similar to that of a humanoid robot, with smooth curves and a metallic finish. The robot's lower body seamlessly transforms into a mermaid's tail, composed of intricate robotic segments covered in scales, resembling fish scales but with a mechanical touch.





Published 10 months ago
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