June LM Community Coding Challenge!

  • 8 June 2023
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June LM Community Coding Challenge!
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Write a script for monitoring hurricanes. 



Must include:

  • Severity warnings

  • Google maps location tracking

  • Integration with data only

  • Does not require signup or payment


Feel free to customize as long as you include the requirements above!


Rules of Engagement

How to win:
User with the most 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻likes on their post wins!  So don’t just post your code, encourage/recruit others to review and like the best example.  Github and/or screenshots are acceptable.


Only one winner. LM Customer or Employee.  Contest Ends June 30th 2023.



Winner gets a choice of a Community Hat, T-Shirt or $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Personalized LM Hurricane badge!



8 replies

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Here is a simple python version - it still needs more work but I don’t have time to review all of the NOAA and Google API documentation for location tracking in order to determine how to parse the received data from those services. This example parses json data but it could be received in csv format. If anyone knows the format that Google API and NOAA uses I could update further. 

import requests
import json

# Function to retrieve hurricane data from
def get_hurricane_data():
    url = ""

        response = requests.get(url)
        # Process the response and extract data
        # Return the extracted hurricane data
        return hurricane_data

# Function to display severity warnings
def display_severity_warnings(hurricane_data):
    # Extract the relevant severity information from hurricane_data

    print("----- Severity Warnings -----")
    print("Hurricane:", hurricane_data["name"])
    print("Severity Level:", hurricane_data["severity"])
    print("Warning Message: ")

    if hurricane_data["severity"] == "Category 1":
        print("This hurricane is categorized as a Category 1 storm.")
    elif hurricane_data["severity"] == "Category 2":
        print("This hurricane is categorized as a Category 2 storm.")
    elif hurricane_data["severity"] == "Category 3":
        print("This hurricane is categorized as a Category 3 storm.")
    elif hurricane_data["severity"] == "Category 4":
        print("This hurricane is categorized as a Category 4 storm.")
    elif hurricane_data["severity"] == "Category 5":
        print("This hurricane is categorized as a Category 5 storm.")


# Google Maps location tracking
def track_location():
    # code to track the user's location using Google Maps API.

    print("----- Location Tracking -----")
    print("Tracking user's location on Google Maps...")
    # tracking code here
    print("Location tracked successfully.")

# Main script execution
if __name__ == "__main__":
    # Step 1: Retrieve hurricane data
    hurricane_data = get_hurricane_data()

    # Step 2: Display severity warnings

    # Step 3: Track user's location

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Awesome! Thanks for submitting @Gusty!

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Nice. Meant to grab hurricane lat/long or user lat/long? I thought storm lat/long. Does your code extract the zip file?

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Closest I’ve gotten so far. Can I say that I hate XML parsing in Groovy? Doesn’t do location, doesn’t alert on severity, but only uses NOAA data and requires no subscription.

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Thanks for posting @Stuart Weenig

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What a fun project!

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Congratulations!!  Our winner is @Gusty with the most likes!  We have a special recognition for @Stuart Weenig for writing a fully functional monitoring script that works with the LM Platform!  

You both have been awarded your new badge and I’ll be sending you both a PM shortly to get your preference on your prizes!



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Way to go, Stuart and Gusty!