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I previously published a datasource for a href="https://communities.logicmonitor.com/topic/1245-tesla-motors-battery-statistics/" rel="">Tesla Motors Battery Statistics - which presents compelling vehicle battery and charging information that is fetched from the Tesla REST API. To complement those efforts, I've written a few other Tesla Motors LogicModules that return a variety of different, but still interesting, datapoints - including a ConfigSource that displays configuration information about the vehicle itself (are the doors locked? Is the sunroof open?) The following is a list of all the Tesla Motors LogicModules now available (see the above-linked post for additional info on how this all works.)

  • DataSource 'Battery Statistics' tracks battery and charger performance and health metrics (a href="https://communities.logicmonitor.com/topic/1245-tesla-motors-battery-statistics/" rel="">previously posted to the Exchange but included here for sake of keeping everything together.)
    • The datasource name is TeslaMotors_BatteryStatistics and has lmLocator DXLLKY.

  • DataSource 'Climate Statistics' tracks inside and outside temperatures, as well as driver and passenger temperature settings.
    • The datasource name is TeslaMotors_ClimateStatistics and has lmLocator YZRWXC.

  • ConfigSource 'Car Configuration' collects textual configuration data, cleans it up and makes it easily readable (screenshot attached.)
    • The configsource name is TeslaMotors_Configuration and has lmLocator GRY9AE.

  • DataSource 'Location Data' tracks compass heading, latitude and longitude, and power.
    • The datasource name is TeslaMotors_LocationData and has lmLocator AYWYWA.

  • DataSource 'Odometer Reading' does exactly what you might expect.
    • The datasource name is TeslaMotors_BatteryStatistics and has lmLocator HHJRD


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@Kerry DeVilbiss this is awesome. 

Keep up the contributions

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Hello @Kerry DeVilbiss! We're having trouble pulling down the ConfigSource with the locator code, has that been updated? Great stuff here by the way!