Specific Service Monitoring

  • 1 April 2021
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I am curious on how i would be able to discover specific services from Windows and or Linux machines and alert and monitor based on their status...

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There are built in datasources that do this. You just need to manually add the instances you want to monitor. 

There are community datasources that automate the addition of instances: https://github.com/sweenig/lmcommunity/tree/master/ProcessMonitoring

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So will these discover the services that are running on the system as well?


These will discover the ones you tell it to discover, if they are present on the system. You have to specify the list of services/processes to monitor as a property. Instructions are on that same page.

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Ah I See.  

My apologies i checked out the XML for the Windows one and saw some variables for the Windows Processes and assumed there...

So aside from the GitHub scripts to discover specific processes what about an ability to discover ALL processes on a windows machine or even Linux?

Yeah, those scripts will work. You'd just set the include property to:



As discover happens and you notice that there are some services you want to exclude, you'd just define a RegEx that excludes those ones that you don't want.

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Where can the datasource for the automated addition of instances be found? When I use the link above, https://github.com/sweenig/lmcommunity/tree/master/ProcessMonitoring it tells me page not found.

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Thank you! This is exactly what I've been looking for.