Properties on a Dashboard

  • 1 November 2021
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I am trying to create a dashboard table widget based on properties on a device. I have tried everything I could and even created a new DS that is almost a mimic of the  PS. However, I am still unable to get a property to display in a table. I am hoping that some of you smart ppl out there in the world have accomplished this. 

3 replies

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It's not currently possible to directly show properties in a dashboard (in a table or otherwise) although it has been brought up several times in the forums. There are hacky methods to have scripts that directly modify the dashboard, like having scripts generate html tables and edit the Text widget via LM API. I suggest submitting feedback to LM that you would also like this feature.




I am interested on this topic as I do not see much value on storing info in properties if these values cannot be used in any dashboard.

I have raised a request to our LM representative but it would be great if we can apply a work around until this feature is available.



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As @Mike Moniz mentioned, the workarounds (not many) are pretty janky and don’t result in anything that doesn’t reflect the fact that LM hasn’t delivered this. It’s likely that the new version (UIv4) of dashboards will make it possible for them to add this in. It’s likely they have punted this issue down the field until after UIv4 for dashboards is released.