Any way to pull historical SDT report?

  • 12 March 2023
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Hi all Guru here. 

Is there any report that can pull all historical SDT with Notes in report?
I am able to pull alerts that with SDT but I can’t preview all historical SDT for all my resource device at once. 


Best answer by Mike Moniz 13 March 2023, 14:27

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3 replies

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I don’t think there is a report, but there are some “historysdts” API calls like /device/groups/{id}/historysdts you can pull that data from. I haven’t used them myself before, but it is what the portal itself uses to report that.

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Best bet would be one/some/all of these endpoints in the API:

  • /device/devices/{id}/historysdts
  • /device/devices/{deviceId}/devicedatasources/{hdsId}/instances/{id}/historysdts
  • /device/groups/{id}/historysdts
  • /device/devices/{deviceId}/devicedatasources/{id}/historysdts
  • /website/websites/{id}/historysdts

There’s no way that I know of to get this in a report without resorting to the API.

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Hey Guru, in the portal SDTs are only indicated and included in Alert reporting while the SDT is still active. Mike and Stuart have given some excellent recommendations here where you may find historical SDT data via API, but if you’re interested in seeing such a report built-in to the product then I would recommend submitting Feedback to our product team directly to request this.


You can find the option to submit Feedback within the support menu in your LogicMonitor portal along with the options to open a support ticket or chat-