Support for Veeam 11 PowerShell Module

  • 3 August 2021
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Veeam 11 released with a PowerShell Module rather than a PS Snap-In.  Is anyone working to update the Veeam LogicModules?


• PowerShell module — By popular demand, we switched from the PowerShell snap-in to the PowerShell module, which can be used on any machine with the backup console installed. We also no longer require PowerShell 2.0 installed on the backup server, which is something many customers had problems with.
• New PowerShell cmdlet — V11 adds 184 new cmdlets for both newly added functionality and expanded coverage of the existing features with a particular focus on restore functionality


4 replies

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@Mark Hensler we're working on these now, they should be released fairly soon.

Also interested in these. Thank you!!

Any update on this one? We'd really like to get our Veeam jobs being monitored with LogicMonitor.

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@chglwalker, @Mark Hensler You should be able to get these from the Exchange today, or from the old Repository if you're on v159.