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2 years ago

Welcome to the LogicMonitor Community! Start Here!

Welcome to the LogicMonitor Community!

  • If this is your first visit to our new community...Welcome! We’re super happy to have you here! If you haven’t already, please login and create your profile. 
  • If you were a member of our former Community...Welcome back! If you are having trouble logging in, you may need to reset your password before you can post. 
  • Trouble Logging in? Please email us at

Why join the LM Community?  Our community is meant to be useful for everyone, new and veteran customers, prospects, employees and best of all your level of expertise does not matter. We encourage everyone to join the discussion! 

Where to start? We recommend you start by reading through our Guidelines to better understand our rules of engagement and where to post your questions to get the most out of your LM Community Experience. 

Community Guidelines.
Guidelines for posting your Questions
Introduce yourself to the Community here!
How to contact Support when you really need it!

Product Solutions 

  • Product Discussions, Feature Requests, LM Exchange. All discussions related to all products are located here. This will be your primary Forum for review & response, and you are required to subscribe to this forum.
  • Open Beta Process - our group for customer feedback on UIv4

Customer Central

  • Customer story Showcase/Inner Circle Group - For and about Customer Advocacy Programs.
  • LM Pulse - Welcome Area & LM News

Community Corner

  • Community Feedback Group - For feedback and recommendations on Community Structure, Features, etc.
  • Welcome, Community Guidelines and special interest groups. 

 Anyone interested in providing feedback, we have a special Community Feedback group you can join!

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  • It's amazing to see how everyone comes together to help each other out. It's great to have a place where we can all learn and grow together.😎

  • Lots of intriguing topics and discussions in this forum. In the hopes of having fun and learning from it.

  • Using such platform for the first time. Hoping for great fun with Tech topics😎

  • This looks like a step up from the forums. Will be interesting to watch how it rolls out.