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Ranks, Roles & Badges

Ranks, Role & Badges

There are 3 main types of Community progression, Ranks, Roles & Badges.  

Ranks are determined by your interaction and engagement on Community. 

LogicMonitor Ranks below are to help you identify LM employees, the higher the number the more engagement, assistance and training an employee has had.   

  1. LM Community Conqueror
  2. LM Community Champion
  3. LMer - LogicMonitor Employee

Member Ranks below are achieved by engagement in the Community, the higher the number the more engagement, assistance and helpfulness a member has contributed. Below is how each of these rank, beginning with “New to the Community”, user will progress up these ranks based on helpfulness, engagement and tenure. Level 1-3 are more challenging to receive!

  1. Quantum Professor - Top Community contributor
  2. Atomic Advisor
  3. Amplified Advocate
  4. Cobot Collaborator
  5. Hypersonic Enthusiast
  6. Processor Participant
  7. Cybernetic Observer
  8. Neophyte - New to the Community


  1. Admin - Community Platform Administrator
  2. Community Manager - Manages Community
  3. Moderator - Manages posts 
  4. Super User - Members with additional privileges
  5. Registered User - All other members of the Community


There are a wide range of badges you can earn, some are based on engagement, others are based on special groups you belong to. 

Engagement Badges

We have many different badges based on interaction and engagement. While we can’t tell you exactly what they are, because that would lead to “gaming the gamification”, we can tell you the more you like, comment, create, and answer the more badges you win!  Below is the list of Engagement badges you can earn, each one rewards a special Robot Badge!

  • Quantum    You have incredible knowledge about all things LogicMonitor!
  • Kinematic    You are the forces which causes the motion!
  • Cobot    You are designed to help people
  • Autonomous    You have the power to make your own decisions
  • Swarm    You are distributing answers in a decentralized way!
  • Servo    Known for precision and performance efficiency
  • B-Bots    You are educating others with replies!
  • Cybernetic    Known for your communication and feedback!
  • Bionic    You are becoming a Bionic force!
  • Mechatronic    You are a multidisciplinary genius. 
  • Gravitational    You are achieving equilibrium!
  • Gadget    You created your first topic, that's ingenious! 
  • FIRST    For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

Other Badges 

  • Holiday badges for logging in that day.
  • LM Community Champion for LM staff trained on the Community Platform.
  • LM Author to identify our LM content writers.
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