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2 years ago

LogicMonitor Talent Authorization & Release Agreement.

Thank you for agreeing to be a part of a LogicMonitor production. We appreciate your willingness to share your
thoughts, experiences, time and charisma with us to help others Turn Sight into Vision. We ask that you take the time
to review and sign the below form outlining permissions and use for this video.
In connection with my participation in a LogicMonitor related event or productions (whether print, audio, video, live or
recorded) I hereby:
• Grant LogicMonitor the unrestricted right and permission to use any statements, photographs, images, and/or
audio or video recordings taken of me, by LogicMonitor, its employees or contractors, in which I may be
• I also affirm that this Authorization and Release is valid and effective for any statements by me or any of my
participation in any photography and/or audio/video taping or any other form printed or digital media that I
have previously provided LogicMonitor and that I may provide LogicMonitor in the future.
• All statements, photographs, and/or audio or video recordings taken of me by LogicMonitor or its contractors,
shall be the sole property of LogicMonitor. I shall not receive any compensation in connection with the use of
these statements, photographs, and/or audio or video recordings for promotional, commercial or other
• I hereby release, waive and discharge any claims of any kind or nature arising out of or relating to my
participation in any LogicMonitor-related event or production, the use of the statements, photographs, and/or
audio or video recordings against LogicMonitor or any person or firm authorized by LogicMonitor to publish
said materials. Such release, waiver and discharge shall also extend to all affiliated companies,
shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents and assigns of LogicMonitor and any Publisher.
• I hereby affirm that I am over 18 years old and have the right to contract in my own name. I read the above
authorization, release and agreement before I sign it; I fully understand the content thereof. This agreement
shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives and assigns.
I also confirm that I am not aware of condition or circumstance (medical or otherwise) that would affect my ability to
participate in the LogicMonitor event(s) or production(s).

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