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7 days ago

Logic Monitor Integration with ServiceNow

Hi Everyone,

I’m reaching out to see if anyone has experience with integrating LogicMonitor with ServiceNow through a custom integration. Specifically, I'm interested in understanding how license consumption is managed and tracked in relation to entitlement for the following products:

- LM Logs
- Container Monitoring
- LM Services Insight
- Website Monitoring
- SP Enterprise Package
- Cloud Monitoring

Additionally, I’d appreciate any insights into the licensing metrics provided by LogicMonitor. While it is stated as "per device," I've noticed the actual consumption often aligns more with "per container" or "per cloud." Can anyone clarify how this works in practice?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • It might be best to work with your LM Rep who can give you specifics. I don't deal with billing myself but its gotten more complicated then it use to be since they have added a lot of those optional packages as you mentioned.

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      I have seen the reports from the logicmonitor they doesn’t seems to be in line with the device type license metric. Do you have any documentation handy to read about it more ?