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2 years ago


My name is Jacob! I’m an Instructional Designer/LMS Admin at Logicmonitor. In my spare time, I am a filmmaker and content creator. I do Youtube! You can check out my film work at my website.

I also am a metalhead and go to a ton of shows. I also enjoy lifting weights and doing krav maga. Excited to be part of the community!

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  • Sweet! That’s awesome Cole! I will totally check it out. My focus is also cinematography.

  • Hey there Jacob,

    Seems there is tons of interest overlap with the LM folks… I am also a filmmaker.  Most of my work currently is as a DP/Gaffer.  Found a nice little niche in the MN independent film scene.  Horror is really fun to make.  Here’s my collection of projects dating back to when we first started.  A couple of competition winners in there as well: Cole McDonald - YouTube

    More recently, I’ve worked on other producers projects slinging photons around set.