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10 months ago

Best Practices Before for Posting Questions


We want to ensure you are getting the most out of your Community experience, so here are some guidelines on how and what to post to ensure you are getting the best answers!   

Search First: Before posting, take some time to search the community for similar discussions that might address your question. If you find related topics, include links and explain why they don't fully resolve your query when creating a new post.  

Stay Relevant: Our community focuses on discussions related to LogicMonitor and its functionalities. We have several different forums and groups, so please ensure your post is directly related to the topics in the forums you are posting in.

Titles are crucial: Start by creating an informative and engaging title that summarizes your query or topic effectively. The title is the first thing people will see when searching, so make sure it describes your topic or question well.

Provide Context: When crafting your post, include background information and context to help others understand the specifics of your question or topic. Begin by presenting the issue before delving into code. Explain how you came across the issue and any obstacles you faced. 

Adding Code to your post: Format code clearly. keep it concise and relevant, explain its context. Highlight specific issues, use code tags when applicable. Test code snippets before posting if you are providing a solution for others.  Use the Code Block feature.

Tags: When posting a question, include relevant tags for the programming language, library, and API. The system provides tag suggestions as you type, so choose appropriate tags and consider version-specific tags

Engage Responsively: After posting, actively engage with comments and feedback from other community members. Be open to their insights and suggestions.

Respectful Engagement: Maintain a respectful and professional tone when interacting with other community members. Everyone is here to learn and collaborate constructively.

The LM Community thrives on informative and constructive discussions related to LogicMonitor. By following these recommendations, you can contribute to a vibrant and supportive community that fosters knowledge sharing and collaboration. Thank you for being part of our community!

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