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2 months ago

Enhanced Release Notes Experience


Platform Release Version: 202

The release notes design and content has been upgraded to enhance your experience of navigating and subscribing to specific release notes categories. You can more quickly find enhancements, resolved issues, known issues, deprecation notices, removals, security updates, and beta features in the release notes content.

Note: At this time, changes to the main release notes page apply to all categories of release notes, all other changes apply to the Platform and new Dexda release notes only. All changes will be applied to all categories of release notes in the future.

  • Enhanced Release Notes Main Page
  • New Timeline Page
  • Enhanced Content Structure
  • New Pills to Help Identify Specific Updates
  • New Filtering Option for Specific Categories
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Enhanced Release Notes Main Page

On the main page, the following changes have been made to enhance the release notes experience:

  • Release notes are categorized into buckets with a description for each release note type. This allows more categories to fit on the page with less scrolling so you can more quickly find the category you need.
  • You are able to subscribe to all categories of release notes and there's less confusion around which category of release notes you are subscribing to. The button name is also less complex.
  • The advertisement banner at the top of the page has been removed so that the release notes categories are immediately visible to you. This helps you quickly find the release notes you need.
  • When you select Subscribe for Updates, it will no longer drop you to the bottom of the page; it will open a window where you can subscribe and close out of the window without losing your spot on the page.

New Timeline Page

With the new timeline page, you can view release highlights and monitoring updates for each release on a single page. The timeline view showcases the velocity of feature development by further highlighting the dates of the releases and the release version number. 

Enhanced Content Structure

To enhance content browsing and searching, release notes content is reorganized into product area categories. You can select or scroll to a product name to find all updates for that specific product. To further enhance identifying specific updates in the content, pills are visible the left of the content to call out what kind of update has been made. For more information, see New Pills to Help Identify Specific Updates.

New Pills to Help Identify Specific Updates

Pills are shown next to an update to help you quickly identify whether that update is an enhancement, resolved issue, known issue, deprecation, removal, security update, or beta feature. A huge benefit of this change is that a Deprecation pill will be included in each set of release notes up until the point that feature is removed, and then a Removal pill will be added to the update. This gives you more insight into deprecations and removals, and more time to prepare for the change.

New Filtering Option for Specific Categories

To give you a snapshot of all of a certain update that was made for a release, like all deprecation notices for all products in the release, a Filter by category dropdown has been added to the top-right of the release notes content page. You can select a filter category and the page will populate with a list of all of that category of updates for the release. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I go to find all deprecation notices and removals for a release?

You can select the Filter by Category dropdown in the upper-right corner of the page. From there you can choose Deprecation or Removal and all of the selected type will show up in a list on the page. This is a representation of all of that type of update made across that LM portal for that version of the product.

Note: The list that displays for deprecations and removals is available per release only. The list does not span multiple releases.

How do I get to the new timeline page?

The new timeline page is accessed by selecting Check the Release Notes option in a release notes category bucket on the main page. 

Where did the Looking Ahead section go?

The items that were previously listed in the Looking Ahead section at the bottom of the release notes have been repurposed into their relative product sections of the release notes. All deprecations are listed with their relative product, and so on. 

Why don't I see the timeline and new content pages for some categories of release notes?

At this time, only the Platform and new Dexda release notes have been released on the new timeline page and enhanced with a content structure and pills. We are planning to migrate the Container release notes next, and then Collector later this year. This allows us to gather feedback on the new design and content, as well as plan the migration and prepare Technical Writers who are responsible for these categories for the migration.

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