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2 years ago

XL and XXL collectors stability

Hi Folks,

I've been told that XL and XXL collectors are currently unstable and not supported by LM. Is this correct, are people out there using them and finding them stable. Any problem when upgrading from Large collectors to XL and XXL. If it is true and they are unstable is there a roadmap to stabilisation that anyone is aware of.


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  • I haven't heard anything like that. I have heard of and experienced stability issues with collectors running Windows Server 2019. Once we migrated to a Windows Server 2016, the memory and stability issues have subsided.

  • Thanks guys these are Ubuntu collectors it seemed sensible to upgrade from large to XXL rather than adding more and more large collectors. We were told after upgrading from large to XL or XXL the collectors become unstable just wondering if folk out in the community had experienced this.