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4 years ago

WMI vs SNMP on Windows

Windows Server 2016, VM, but defined as standalone server in LogicMonitor.  One of the applications running on this server is Cisco Contact Server.
So OK, because it is a Windows machine I give it standard WMI credentials used for our Windows servers discovery.  Because the Cisco app uses SNMP v2c access I give it snmp.commnunity and snmp.version properties.
Discovery runs fine and everything is working OK but here's the issue.  A slight one but it is an issue nonetheless.... I end with multiple DataSources doing double monitoring for the same OS component.
I have 2 'CPU Cores' DS monitoring CPU.  One is using WMI and the other SNMP.  I have 'Interfaces-' DS listed twice.  I have 'Services-' and 'Windows Servivces'.  List continues.... I thought LM had a logic in place so only one of the protocols would be used (WMI vs SNMP).  What's the best practice to deal with this issue?

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  • LogicMonitor doesn't prevent multiple protocols per device, many devices might use lots of different protocols, but instead LM uses "AppliesTo" conditions to determine what checks get applied. Some of them may have !windows() to they don't apply to Windows servers but like in this case, Windows or it's apps can support SNMP. I would just disable the duplicate checks at the device or group level.