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4 years ago

Windows services

Hey Everyone just need some help with my Logic Monitor service account accessing windows services.

 Logic Monitor service account name: Lomosvc

 Okay First off for security & Compliance reasons Lomosvc does not have local admin on any servers other than the Collectors themselves. With that being said I am running into permissions issues on being able to see the Services status. 

Okay from the beginning: 

1. Giving access to Windows services to non-admins. 

         I have been able to find a few helpful articles on how to give the a non-admin access to Windows services and I have followed these.  Below are the Articles I have found helpful. 

WWoIT - Wayne's World of IT: Service Control Manager Security for non-admins (

  How to View and Modify Service Permissions in Windows - Winhelponline

Granting Remote Access on SCManager to Non-admin Users | Windows OS Hub (

So based off the the above articles I have pulled the SID of Lomosvc from AD and was able to give it access to Windows Services. After giving that access I found out that I then needed to give access to each services I am trying to monitor, so I used this article:  SubInACL: A complete solution to configure security permission - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki (

I can give lomosvc access to I(interrogate service) & S(query service status)  

And still I am unable to see the "status" of the service. It will return the State of 1 which is "running". So with having that issue I on a test server I gave it F(full control) and then I get NaN returned for both State and Status. 

Not sure if anyone else has ran into this issue and found a work around. I haven't put a lot of info in here because I was not sure how much to put and didn't want to over load with to much info, so if you need more info just let me know and I can provide it. 

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    What does the rest of your poll now window look like? (feel free to obscure sensitive info)

  • This is the rest of the Poll now window. "Status" always comes back as unknown. 


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    Ok, looking at your output, this is expected. The datapoint is looking for the text "OK" in the output of the Status attribute. Your output looks like this:

    ExitCode : 0
    ProcessId: 5136
    StartMode : Unknown
    State : Running
    Status : UNKNOWN

    Since the status is reading "UNKNOWN" the text "OK" is not found and is returning a 0. I would guess that there's still some permission you need to add to allow the Status attribute to be queried.

  • Was there ever any solution for this ? Do you know what extra permissions are required ?