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2 years ago

Who published MysqlReplicationLag-

Who published MysqlReplicationLag- ?

Not sure if its just something in my instance or something I should report....?
I had some issues with it, and not sure if its a LogicMonitor provided DataSource.

  1. The query used a SQL function name (LAG) for a variable/column
  2. select time_to_sec(timediff(UTC_TIMESTAMP(), ts)) as lag from heartbeat where id=1;

    LAG is a function so this just gets a 1064 error. I modified lag to rep_lag and had the Datapoint pick that up
    select time_to_sec(timediff(UTC_TIMESTAMP(), ts)) as rep_lag from heartbeat where id=1;

This now works for me.

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  • In Settings >> DataSources, if you search for and select that DS, you should see at the top that the author is LogicMonitor v1.2, with locator RNHL7J.